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We - truly - love Rovinj

Respecting the tradition

WeLoveRovinj is a family business and it has born from the passion of the history and the beauty. Vittoria has always travelled all around the world and particularly in Yugoslavia, now Croatia, due to her mum origin. She speaks fluently the language and love all Croatia’s land. She succeed in falling in love with this beautiful land also all her family. Her 2 kids speak now, beside her native language Italian and English and French, also Croatian.

Vitttoria and her husband Paolo bought a house in Rovinj after having spent different years of vacation in this countries and sooner they discover the beauty and the history of this ancient Venecian old town.

They’ve decided to buy some old properties and to renovate them, respecting the tradition and highlighting the local materials.

They ended up having 10 studios and appartements of different dimensions in order to offer to anyone the possibility to discover this beautiful place and beaches.

Our houses are not just good looking they are also historical that is one reason why you will find some old rocks were from the 1620.If that surprised you for how old they are well your be more surprised if you knew the stones there in the old town of Rovinj the rocks were made BC (Before Christ) and were made by Romans

All our guest unit have been named with local flora.

We want to promote local products and believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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